Glenvale Carpet Cleaning

To extend the life of carpets and keep them looking as good as new in the longest possible time, professional deep cleaning once a year is needed (more depending on foot traffic and lifestyle).  Whatever type of carpeting, rug, or upholstery you have; hiring professional carpet cleaners remain to be the most efficient option – having the right solution for almost every cleaning need. However, not all Glenvale carpet cleaning companies are created equal and to enjoy all the possible benefits of hiring one, here are crucial questions to ask.

How long has the carpet cleaning company been servicing Glenvale?

One of the tell-tale signs that a company can be trusted is the length of time they have been offering Glenvale carpet cleaning. Though not all start-ups are bogus, it’s very hard to tell that they are not the fly-by-night type either so the better choice would always be those with track-records to prove their claim to service excellence. One big advantage of hiring a firm that has been in operation for some time is their commitment to continually uphold a good reputation. It is also easier to find out what other people has got to say about the quality of their services, prices, and customer service through online reviews or word-of-mouth.

What carpet cleaning services are included in the quote?

When it comes to carpet cleaning, companies may offer individual services and packages that can still be further customised to your specific needs. It is not uncommon to get a quote on a service, only to find out there are extra charges for some seemingly basic stuffs. Often, this gray area here is what makes the differences in service pricing. When it comes down to this, never ever hesitate to ask. Will initial vacuuming be included in a specific service you are eyeing, or will it cost you extra?  Other additional services that are often requested include stain spotting, pre-treatment, wax removal, and odour removal. And it would be better if you can get an itemised quote.

Will the owner or employees of the Glenvale carpet cleaning company be doing the work, or will the job be subcontracted?

This is a very important security question to ask. If the employees are to do the work, are they covered by worker’s compensation and general liability insurance? Having uninsured carpet cleaning technicians in your home can cost you. In case an accident happens, you become liable for any injury that might result from the unexpected disaster. If the company uses subcontractors, what guarantee can they give you that the results will be as promised? Another thing to make sure of, to protect yourself and property, is if the Glenvale carpet cleaning services is bonded and insured against any damage, loss or theft.