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We Service the greater Toowoomba area with a complete range of carpet cleaning services. Whether you need an exit clean or your home or business carpets cleaned we can help with our fast efficient and affordable packages

Guaranteed Bond Cleaning

Need an exit clean guaranteed to get your bond back? Give us a call our experienced team will make sure you get every cent back on that bond.

Water Extraction

Flooded Carpets? Call our 24 hour emergency line and have our team onsite as soona s possible to get the carpets cleaned and dried before damage can set in.

I used the team at super carpet cleaning for when i was moving out of a rental unit. The guys were on time , extremely affordable and took a lot of hassle out of the whole process. I would definately use them again for any future moves,
Gavin Bilson - Wilsonton
It's Almost Like Magic! Super Carpet Cleaning are always our first call for cleaning the office carpets, They get some serious wear and tear due to heavy traffic but Super always manage to make the carpets look like new again!
Graeme Jones - Toowomba CBD

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Carpets add that ultimate luxurious touch to home interiors, making any room more attractive and comfortable. However, a widespread misconception stops many homeowners from adding that much needed stylish warmth to their homes. Yes, a dirty carpet can significantly add to the decline of indoor air quality. But why would anyone want an unclean carpet? Here are several ways that professional carpet cleaning in Toowoomba can help keep homes and the entire household healthy.

Carpet Cleaning Reduces Pollutants and Allergens One of the major problems with carpets is that their fibres can trap pollutants and allergens. But the thing is, it’s not really the carpet that is the problem. It’s us who only decide to clean our carpets when they are already dirty. If you try to read through the manufacturers’ recommendations, these furnishings need to be vacuumed frequently and periodically cleaned professionally. Sticking to a carpet cleaning routine will minimise residues that can trigger allergies and pollute indoor air. In the long run, proper maintenance will not only prove to keep homes healthier but also make our carpeting look and feel better and cleaner.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Gets Rid of Dust Mites Dust mite infestation is one of the most common problems faced by homeowners. The bigger problem is – most of these homeowners don’t even have the slightest idea that the infestation is taking place. Dust mites are microscopic creatures that feed on dead skin from humans and pets. One person alone sheds enough to sustain a million dust mites, so you can just imagine how much body fragments and fecal pellets are released in the air. Though not parasites, their excrements are among the major causes of asthma and allergies. Steam cleaning, a technique utilised by many professional carpet cleaning companies in Toowoomba, clears out infestations by exposing the dust mites to temperatures they can’t survive.

Regular Carpet Cleaning Prevents Mould Growth Especially in Toowoomba where high humidity levels are common, dirty carpets that have been exposed to moisture become likely breeding grounds for moulds. Even without any spill, moisture in the air that sinks deep down into carpet fibres is enough to provide a thriving environment for mildew and mould which can be harmful to health. Regular vacuuming prevents moisture from settling and sinking into the carpet, and professional carpet cleaning in Toowoomba makes use of high-powered drying tools that wipes off moisture.

When it comes to furnishing homes, adding a carpet does not just add interest in the design. It also creates an extra layer that softens the impact of our foot on the floor. Smaller decorative carpets or rugs also provide this benefit but at a much smaller space scale and can also offer a comfortable place to sit on the floor. Don’t deprive your home from the desirable features of carpets; instead have your local carpet cleaning company in Toowoomba do the job for you to enjoy the full benefits of having a carpet while enjoying a healthier indoor environment.